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we are (allegedly) NOT drunk

It’s taken too long for this miracle to come
But we wait for the blue light, we want it

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Anonymous asked:
"That picture of Yoona can't be a Photoshop fail because it's an official photoshoot photo from fy-girls-generation... she's just normally bony like that.."

official photoshoot photos are generally photoshopped and edited by the people who take them

f(x) Red Light , All Night , Milk 
Cr. as tagged

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Title: Gangnam Street
Artist: Orange Caramel
Album: My Copycat - Single
Plays: 4772


okay My Copycat is amazing and the video is fun and all but can we talk about the B side that comes with it

Anonymous asked:
"The pic you reblogged about Yoona... I want to believe it's a photoshop fail, because her arm/fingers look so skinny and unhealthy that I want to cry. My princess. :("

lol i just noticed now, ye i think its photoshop fail or smth :P